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Copic Marker on Bristol Illustration

by Edith Grey

In so many ways have we progressed, yet still not far enough? Last time I checked it was 2009, not 1865? Repercussions of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade are still embedded so deep they may as well have happened last week? Now take what I say, not as disrespect, but with the deepest intent of love and self preservation. Let us not forget our forefathers that fought intensely throughout the 60s in our Civil Rights Movement? Fighting for OUR equality? Yet we continue to ensue our own entrapment holding on to repressed feelings of anger brought about by some of our ignorant European brothers and sisters through no fault of their own. Ignorance does lie with bliss!

Light versus Dark remains to be a “hush-hush” topic which we refuse to address in our community. Self-degradation left from the disambiguation. Light isn’t always right and the darker the berry IS the sweeter the juice. Our people remain to be a colorful palette of diverse complexions only making us that much more beautiful. Embrace our melanin differences and stop letting mass media publication dictate how we see ourselves. I challenge you to adopt the “oh so sweet” and long overdue Essence dictum, “MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!”

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