• Senator Kamala Harris gifted original beer can design by Natasha Powell Walker.

    Senator Kamala Harris gifted original beer can design by Natasha Powell Walker.

    Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris stopped by Raleigh's own Trophy Brewing Company on Monday, September 28th while hitting the campaign trail this election season. During her visit Senator Harris was presented with a case of "Listen for Understanding." "Listen for Understanding" is the second of four original beer can label designs by artist Natasha Powell Walker for Trophy Brewing Concern illustrating the importance of Racial Equality and Allyship.

    Chris Powers, one of the owners in Trophy Brewing Concern posted to his social media account Monday evening, "Tonight, we had the pleasure of welcoming Kamala Harris and her team to Raleigh and were given the chance to share the Trophy Brewing Company story with her. We told her what it’s like to be in the restaurant business during a pandemic, and what we hope for our community. She is genuine, down to earth and a force to be reckoned with. I got to speak to her about our Allyship project and the work we and our friend Natasha Powell Walker are putting into it. She also brought us the first trophy for our new trophy case. We will treasure that trophy for years to come."

  • Trophy Brewing Company Allyship Collaboration with Edith Grey

    Trophy Brewing Company Allyship Collaboration with Edith Grey

    Trophy Brewing Concern has commissioned artist Natasha Powell Walker to create a limited series of art focused on diversity and Allyship. Powell Walker will create four original beer can labels for the brewery illustrating the important steps of Allyship and how we can come together in the fight against racial inequality.

    The first beer can, "This is a Movement Not a Moment" is an illustration that represents the collective violence, systemic racism, and oppression against Black people in the United States of America. As a country, it is our duty to acknowledge, educate, and work to eliminate the racial inequities that exist in America. Walker recognizes the "movement" is a lifetime of work by Black Americans and their legacy must be honored by continuing to do the work.

    Trophy Brewing Company believes in helping to make change through Allyship. Allyship is a lifelong process focused on building trust, emphasizing social justice, inclusion, and human rights by members of an ingroup, to advance the interests of an oppressed or marginalized outgroup. Allyship is part of the anti-oppression or anti-racist conversation, which puts into use social justice theories and ideals.

  • First Fridays with Edith Grey

    Google Fiber Space in Raleigh will host artist Edith Grey as their September First Friday Artist! The event will take place on Friday, September 7th from 6-9pm. Google Fiber is located at 518 W Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27603.

  • http://wunc.org/post/sexynotsilent-exhibit-colorful-exploration-women-s-many-faces#stream/0


    WUNC's "The State of Things" interviews artist Natasha Powell Walker on her latest exhibit #SEXYNOTSILENT.

    Listen to the radio interview here: http://wunc.org/post/sexynotsilent-exhibit-colorful-exploration-women-s-many-faces#stream/0

  • Jameson Gallery's '#SexyNotSilent' deals with the complexities of being a woman


  • #Sexynotsilent at Duke University

    #Sexynotsilent at Duke University

    Visual artist Natasha Powell Walker was struck by the dichotomy required of her as a woman in corporate America: at work she had to be cutthroat and self-promotional, while her friends and family expected her to be loving and nurturing as soon as she left the office. The struggle to deal with these conflicting expectations led Powell Walker to create a series of paintings that represent the many characters women embody and the multitude of faces they present to the world. Powell Walker’s work is now on display in the Friedl Gallery on Duke’s East Campus in a new exhibit #SexyNotSilent. She gives an artist's talk about the exhibit at the Friedl Gallery on Jan. 25.