Edith Grey Designs

Artist Bio

Artist Natasha Powell Walker aka "Edith Grey" graduated in 2007 from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Merchandising Management. Natasha has over 20 years of experience creating as a visual artist and illustrator. Her work spans a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, and illustration.

The dynamic female figure takes center stage in several of Natasha's pieces, analyzing the struggle women face today. “As women, we tend to play this ever-evolving role, being all things to all people. This role can be confusing, daunting even. It isn’t until we truly realize the dichotomy of our traditional role in society can we challenge the narrative and make peace with ourselves as strong vibrant individuals.”

Originally from Richmond, VA, Natasha relocated to the Raleigh-Durham area in 2014. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) Raleigh and as the immediate past board chair for the Durham Art Guild.