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Break Illustration
Copic on Bristol

Break - by Edith Grey

YOU WILL NOT BREAK ME. Tie me down with your new age plantation ideology and judgmental demeanor. The aversions I feel for your autonomy evoke an acidic response forcing me to look deeper within. I refuse to become the blissfully ignorant, worldly uneducated, distasteful human for which you represent. Months of pill popping behavior to mask truthful emotion striving to fit in a selfishly superficial, anti-humane society? Our struggle speaks for more. It challenges me to round my peers while seeking ancestral guidance. I do not seek your approval. However, I will gracefully engage in your political game to consciously level my financial playing field. In my five inch Jimmy-Choo’s, Roberto Cavalli maxi and enticingly full figured lips, I kindly say to you, “Let’s play ball.”