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by Edith Grey

Conscious black man why does your mind attract me? The love you share for our ancestors, children and community sings a sweet melody. Knowing where you came from and where you strive to go, attracts me like a bee to honey. I long to drink from your intelligent nectar. Words strum a harmonious melody through my guitar strings. Strength exuding from inside. Confident yet humble, praising the one that brought you life. Strong black man, I wish to know you. Know your heart and your mind. Breathing conscious, sustaining life back into my body. A product of Anglo suburban idealism, and European history lectures, you’ve brought me back to myself. Relishing in the love for my brown skin, thick lips, and curvaceous figure. I’m attracted to your scent as a black cat on the prowl; your forces call to open my heart, mind and spaces which no other man can occupy. Feed my hunger, nurture my soul, and soothe my spirit. Strong black man.

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Mixed Media