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Amplify Voices
Amplify Voices

Being an ally is no easy feat. As a true ally you need to acknowledge that you're also affected by the system of oppression. Do the hard work of listening to oppressed voices, educating yourself on the history of the struggle in which you're being an ally for, and using your privilege to amplify voices of the oppressed before your own. It is critical that you learn how to listen and accept criticism, even when uncomfortable. When amplifying voices of the oppressed, you cannot behave as if you know best, or compete for an "Oppression Olympics" award. To find out more information on becoming an ally, click here.

Amplify Voices is the third installment in a series of artwork created by Natasha Powell Walker for Trophy Brewing Company to address racial equity. This series represents the collective violence, systemic racism, and oppression against Black people in the United States of America. As a country, it is our duty to acknowledge, educate, and work to eliminate the racial inequities that exist in America today.

Trophy Brewing Company will donate a portion of the sale of this beer to Emancipate NC. "Through community education, narrative shift, and idea incubation, Emancipate NC supports North Carolina’s people as they free themselves from mass incarceration and structural racism."